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  • Network Support

  • Network Services

    Our network service will get you connected at home or in your office.

    Are you paying for high speed internet only to have slow speeds, and jittery video streams? Always seeing that annoying message "buffering"? Need to access other devices or share a printer?

    PC Medic Plus can get all your devices connected to share files, pictures, and printers.

    We can fix your network connections and boost your Wi-Fi signal to give you the fastest internet possible.

    Does your Wi-Fi keep dropping out? Not able to maintain a stable connection from your patio?

    Its time to give us a call to resolve your network woes.

  • PC Medic Plus Has Your Network Solution

    whether its getting you connected, speeding up that slow wireless, increasing wireless range, or sharing files and printers.
    We are here to help!

  • Network Service Includes:

    • Troubleshoot connectivity issues
    • Install and configure network
    • Establish wireless connections
    • Configure and secure a router
    • Configure and secure access points
    • Create a secure network
    • Coordinate setup preferences
    • Connect peripheral devices to the wireless network
  • Stop 'buffering'! Get use out of your high speed internet.

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    Want fast WiFi

    Want fast WiFi

    Stop 'buffering'! Get use out of your high speed internet.

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