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  • Repair Services

  • Computer Repair

    It is inevitable that your desktop or laptop computer will need some professional attention at some point. Computers are prone to errors that can lead to system freezes, crashes and continual vague popup messages. Programs contain millions of lines of code and at some point something is going [...]

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    Laptop Repair

    Our expert laptop repair technicians have the skills to correct any laptop computer issue that you are experiencing. We'll come to the rescue to repair your software issues, performance problems, broken charge ports, keyboards, and screens.  Our professional computer technicians will get [...]

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    Desktop Repair

    PC Medic Plus has the computer repair service that will cure your ailing computer. We'll come to the rescue to help with uncooperative software, unresponsive Windows operating systems, failing hardware and more! It is inevitable that your desktop computer is going to need some professional attention[...]

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    Virus Removal

    Before we get into the virus removal lets answer this question - What is malware, viruses, trojan horses, worms and spyware? Malware is a computer virus, it is a type of software that is written with malicious intent in mind. Malware (malicious software) includes viruses, worms, trojan [...]

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    Tune-Up & Optimization

    Nothing causes more frustration than a slow computer. Whether it's a new computer or one that you have been using for years they can be bogged down with unnecessary files and unwanted programs. Our technicians can clean up your desktop or laptop's system files, remove junk files and optimize the [...]

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