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  • Affordable Computer Repair Services

    Need Affordable Technical Support?

    Whether you've got a laptop or desktop PC, with our years of experience, we will solve your problems!

    Computer Repair Services - Data Recovery

    Did You Lose Important Data?

    Our data recovery experts can recover data from laptops, desktops, and servers running all types of operating systems.

  • Hardware, software, troubleshooting, upgrades and more.

  • Hardware, software, screens, charge ports, troubleshooting, and upgrades.

  • Wired and wireless network installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, and connection.

  • Our Experts Are Passionate About Making Technology Work For You

    We provide support for all of your technical needs, from fixing personal laptop computers, to installing servers at your business.

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  • Need Affordable Computer Repair Services or Technical Support?

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  • PC Medic Plus Computer Repair Services

    computer repair services


    Problems with your desktop, laptop or tablet? Our Computer Repair Services will solve your problems.


    Computers, we all love them. Some of us can't live without them. We store pictures, music and documents on them. We use computers for research, homework, and play. Some are used to run our business efficiently and productively. That is until it decides to stop cooperating, throw a fit or have a tantrum. Once in a while they just stop doing what we want them to do...Ugh!

    Is your computer giving you a headache? Is it causing you grief and running slow? It's time to give PC Medic Plus a call. Our computer repair services can cure whatever is ailing your computer.

    PC Medic Plus not only can get your computer, laptop or tablet back up and running smoothly, we also backup or transfer your priceless pictures or important documents and all of your music. We can upgrade your computer's hardware and software bringing it back to its good ole happy self. If your computers happy, you're happy - which makes us happy.

    Is it running slow, freezing, or bombarding you with pop-ups? It could be malware (virus, spyware or adware) which we can handle with our Malware Removal Service. It may just need our Computer Tune-up and Optimization Service. Or it may need a hardware upgrade such as more memory or more storage with a bigger hard drive. Do you have a shiny new computer or printer but don't know where to begin?

    Well PC Medic Plus Computer Repair Services has the solution for all your computer and network needs.

  • PC Medic Plus has the answer to all your questions and problems

    - computer related that is.

  • Computer Repair Services Include (but not limited to):

    • Desktop Repair - Hardware, software, diagnosis, troubleshooting, upgrades and more.
    • Laptop Repair - Hardware, software, screens, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and upgrades. 
    • Virus Removal - Detection, removal, recovery and protection.
    • Data Recovery - Lost pictures, documents and music recovery, Data transfer to new devices.
    • Network Support - Wired and wireless network installation, upgrades, diagnosis, connection.
  • Be proactive and not reactive - Contact PC Medic Plus Today!

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    Don't wait unil it's too late.

    Don't wait unil it's too late.

    Be proactive and not reactive - Contact PC Medic Plus Today!

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    • Great, quick service. Picked up and returned my laptop the next day, problems solved!


      Bob is awesome! He fixed our computer & it runs better than ever! Thanks Bob


      Like Bob Says – ” Fast, Friendly and Reliable ” . If you have any […]


      I highly recommend Bob for any computer building/maintenance/repair. I am a very satisfied customer.